Concert Calendar

23.07.2022 <>  At 11:00 concert in St. Marien Flensburg, Germany

26.09.2021 <> At 15:00 Christiankirken Fredericia, 'Kærlighed til Jorden'

25.09.2021 <> At 19:00 Kristkirken Kolding, "Kærlighed til Jorden'

19.09.2021 <> At 16:00 Sct. Johannes Vejle, "Kærlighed til Jorden' choirpiece by Matthias Geiger about climate change with

                        texts by Thorklid Bjørnvig and Greta Thunberg
03.05.2020 <>  At 19:30 concert with fluteplayer Johanne Buus Andersen and organist Ylva LInd Wellsandt
                          in Gosmer Kirke, Troldbjergvej 10, Gosmer, 8300 Odder, Denmark / cancelled covid19

31.03.2020 <>  At 19:30 i Ansgars kirke, Aalborg med Luftstrøm, Denmark / cancelled covid19

25.03.2020 <>  At 17:00  in Symfonisk sal, Musikhuset, Aarhus, with Morten Bunk og Branko Djordevic, Denmark / cancelled

02.03.2020 <> At 17.00 in Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, organ and piano faculty concert

21.02.2020 <>  At 17.00 in Langenæskirken med Luftstrøm, Denmark

15.12.2019  <>  At 15:00 Christmas concert (accompanying RAMAs girls choir on organ) at Aarhus Cathedral, Denmark

26.08.2019  <>  Concert in Skødstrup kirke with fluteplayer Johanne Buus Andersen, Denmark
10.06.2019  <>   Lunch concert with the latvian organclass in the anglican church Riga, Latvia

27.05.2019  <>   Concert with Erasmus students in the Jazeps Vitols Muzikas Akademias Latvia; Latvia
14.12.2018  <>   Christmas concert at Aarhus Cathedral. Playing continuo, Denmark
03.12.2018  <>    Organ concert with Luftstrøm, Aarhus, Denmark
14.06.2018  <>   Ylvas Bachelor concert in Vor Frue Kirke, Aarhus, Denmark
07.06.2018  <>   Ylva plays hapsichord at Johanne Buus Andersens Chamber music examn (you can find the youtube clip    under media), Aarhus Musikhus, Arhus, Denmark
18.05.2018  <>   Ylvas Choir conducting examn, conducting Vivaldi, Magnificat and Avo Pärt, Stars in Musikhuset, Aarhus,  Denmark
08.05.2018  <>   Concert in Viborg Cathedral with Bachelor repetoire, Denmark
07.05.2018  <>   Concert in Aalborg Ansgars Kirke with Bachelor repetoire, Denmark
24.01.2018  <>  Concert with Groningen organ class in Martini Kerk, Groningen, Netherlands
16.10.2017  <>   Concert with Groningen organ class in Martini Kerk, Groningen, Netherlands
22.07.2017  <>    Benefit concert for Sonnenstrahlen e.V. in Andreas Kirche Eningen, Germany
27.03.2017  <>   Concert in Aalborg Ansgars Kirke with Luftstrøm, Denmark
19.03.2017  <>   Concert in Fredenskirken Aarhus with violinist Sara Blichfeldt and Luftstrøm, Denmark
21.02.2017  <>  Concert in Skive Kirke with Luftstrøm, Denmark

24.07.2016  <>   Benefit concert for Sonnestrahlen e.V. - together with Lukas Degler, in Johanneskirche, Honau, Germany

17.03.2016  <>   Concert in Kirstkirken Kolding with Luftstrøm, Denmark

14.04.2016  <>   Concert in Mariehøj kirke Silkeborg with Luftstrøm, Denmark